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Captain’s Briefing

In a briefing at a police department, officers learn what’s happening and what they are supposed to do while they are on duty.
In Bella Vista, Captain Tim Cook handles briefings all day, everyday. He communicates information he’s gathered and tells division heads what needs to be done.
“The bottom line is to make sure everyone in the police department works cohesively,” Cook said. “Dispatch must answer the phones and pass calls to patrol officers. If they find the incidents are serious, they pass the call information and evidence to CID detectives who will investigate further. All the divisions must do their job well to create a safe place for you to live.” 

Cook insists officers be polite and treat people with dignity. “That’s the only way to run a business, and a police department is in the people handling business. From arresting bad guys to speaking to church groups to searching for children or adults, to giving a traffic ticket, the police are dealing with people.
“We are responsible to the general public. I listen to complaints and oversee all internal investigations. Then I turn over the information to the chief to make a final decision. It’s important to hear everyone because we learn how to be a more effective police department.”
Most of the time Cooks sits behind his desk except when he’s managing the department fleet of vehicles. But, once in a great while he finds himself back on the street. “Even with all the new police officers we’ve hired, we are still a small department. We have days when we are short-handed because of illness or training schedules and I end up back in a patrol car.”

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